Despite this week’s snow, Cleveland is in the middle of one of the warmest Januarys on record

Cleveland Metroparks snow

Cleveland has had a warm January, even when snow blanketed the Rocky River Reservation of the Cleveland Metroparks on Sunday, the low temperature for the day was 31 degrees.Rich Exner,


CLEVELAND, Ohio - Even with this latest bout of cold weather and snow, this month is shaping up as one of the warmest Januarys on record in Cleveland.

The average high through Monday is 43.5 degrees, more than seven degrees higher than the normal high of 35.8 degrees, according to the National Weather Service.

That makes this January the fifth warmest since 1938, beaten out only by 2006 (45.3 degrees), 1949 (44.4 degrees), 1950 (44.3 degrees) and 2020 (40 degrees) through Jan. 23 each year, found in analyzing daily records from the weather service.

And on the low side, it’s never been warmer, at least as long as the weather service has been keeping records from what is now Cleveland Hopkins International Airport - since May 1938.

The average low temperature of 32.7 degrees this month is more than 10 degrees higher than the normal low temperature of 22.5 degrees.

The second-highest average low was in 2006 (32.6 degrees), followed by 1998 (29.5 degrees) and 1990 (29.3 degrees).

The warm conditions are one of the reasons we have only seen 8.1 inches of snow this month instead of the normal of 14.3 inches by now. (Though another 3 to 4 inches is in the forecast for Wednesday.)

Unless the last few days of the month plummet to single-digit temperatures, January will remain one of the warmest on record.

View the complete list of maximum and minimum temperatures for January up until Jan. 23, sorted by maximum temperature. Some mobile users may need to use this link.

Zachary Smith is the data reporter for and The Plain Dealer. See previous stories at this link.

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