Cleveland police release details of rape accusations against NFL Draft prospect, no charges filed


Westin Hotel

A woman has accused an NFL prospect of sexual assault while at the Westin Hotel in downtown Cleveland, according to a police report.

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- A top NFL Draft prospect is being investigated by Cleveland police after he was accused of sexual assault at a downtown Cleveland hotel.

The 22-year-old player has not been formally charged. He is listed as a suspect in police reports and is under investigation in connection with an April 9 accusation that he sexually assaulted a 23-year-old woman at the Westin Hotel on St. Clair Avenue, according to police. generally does not name uncharged suspects in criminal investigations.

The player's attorney, Kevin Spellacy, called the accusations "ridiculous and ludicrous," and said the woman who reported the incident is "an opportunist."

"There was no sexual assault," Spellacy said. "We've cooperated fully with the police. I actually reached out to them before they even asked us."

Spellacy said his client intends to be questioned by Cleveland police after the NFL Draft on Thursday. The player is expected to be drafted in the first round, which likely would lead to a contract worth millions of dollars.

The woman told police that she was with a group of friends on April 8 and that they went back to the hotel, police reports say. She said she met the player in the elevator and decided to go back to his room instead of her friends' room, police reports say.

The woman said another couple in the player's room began having sex in the bathroom. The player asked if she wanted to have a foursome, and she declined, according to police reports.

She then told the player that she wanted to watch the other couple, but only said so because she wanted to distract the player from his sexual advances, police reports say.

The two went and watched the other couple. The player then grabbed the woman, ripped her pants off and raped her, according to police reports. The woman told police she repeatedly told the player to stop and that he was hurting her, police reports say.

After the sexual assault, the woman told police the player kicked her out of the hotel room, police reports say. He also later left the room.

The woman called police about 3:50 a.m. Officers went to the room and found the two men asleep in the room.

One of the men in the room, who identified himself as the player's best friend, said the player and woman never had sex and that the woman became angry when she was kicked out of the room, according to police reports.

The other man inside the room told police the player and woman were on the bed together for a short time but that nothing sexual happened, according to police.

The woman went to MetroHealth for treatment and for a sexual assault examination. A rape kit was performed and taken into evidence. The woman declined to continue an interview with police and told them: "She wanted to go home and that her dignity had been stripped from her in a matter of minutes," according to police reports.

No evidence was recovered from the room, according to the arrest report.

Spellacy said his client was with three others the entire time and will tell officers his client did not commit a crime.

Spellacy rejected claims that the police department is handling his client's case differently because he's a high-profile athlete.

"The idea that he's getting preferential treatment is ridiculous," Spellacy said. "This is being handled no differently than any other case."

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