Woman calls police about chicken bones in her yard; three college students cited for loud music: Berea police blotter


BEREA, Ohio –

Suspicion: Race Street

A Race resident contacted police at about 11 a.m. Nov. 16 regarding chicken bones that had been scattered on her and her neighbor’s properties several times over the previous six to seven months.

The resident was concerned that her dogs and other neighborhood dogs might ingest the bones, which would be detrimental to their health.

When asked if she suspected anyone, the resident mentioned an Adrian Drive man with whom she’s had disputes about her dogs. She said the man had also experienced conflicts with others in the neighborhood.

Noise disturbance: Seminary Street

Three Baldwin Wallace University students, all 21-year-old men, were cited at about 12:30 a.m. Nov. 19 for a loud party at their house on Seminary.

Someone had called police to complain about loud music coming from the house. When police arrived, they heard the music and loud thumping bass. A party was in process in the house.

One of the Baldwin Wallace students told police that seven students were living in the house. He believed six of the seven were present but was able to find only two more at the party. The party broke up.

Fleeing & eluding: Ohio 237

A driver led police on a high-speed vehicle chase at about 9:15 p.m. Nov. 22.

Police tried to stop the driver’s Chevrolet Malibu on 237 northbound after checking the license plate number and learning that car’s owner, a 21-year-old Cleveland man, had a suspended driver’s license. Also, the owner was wanted in Bratenahl for a traffic violation.

The driver pulled over on 237 near Snow Road. As police walked to the car, the driver took off. He sped onto Interstate 71 northbound. Police lost sight of the car, which was traveling more than 120 mph, near the West 130th Street-Bellaire Road exit of I-71.

Marijuana & drug paraphernalia possession, driving without a license: Ohio 237

A Willoughby Hills man, 26, was cited and given a court summons at about noon Nov. 18 after police caught him driving without a license.

Police pulled over the man’s Ford Fusion on 237 northbound because the car’s license plate had expired in January 2021.

The Fusion smelled like marijuana. Police spotted a marijuana roach in the ashtray. They found two plastic bags of marijuana and a digital scale inside a shoulder bag in the car. An open bottle of tequila was on the vehicle’s rear floor.

Police had the car towed and gave the man a courtesy ride to a nearby Speedway.

Operating a vehicle under the influence: East Bagley Road

A Parma man, 33, was arrested at about 10 p.m. Nov. 19 for driving drunk.

Police stopped the man’s Chevrolet Silverado on East Bagley at Eastland Road after checking the license plate number and determining that his driver’s license had been suspended.

The man’s eyes were glassy and he answered questions slowly. He admitted drinking one beer at about 1 p.m. that day.

When police asked the man to step out of the vehicle for field sobriety tests, the man hesitated. Police asked him if he was worried about failing the balance test. The man said, “Well, yeah ‘cause obviously I’m not able to do the friggin’ ABCs.”

Operating a vehicle under the influence: Depot Street

A Cleveland man, 26, was arrested at about 3 a.m. Nov. 21 after police caught him driving while intoxicated.

Police stopped the man’s car because it was weaving on Bagley Road westbound. He turned right onto North Rocky River Drive, then right onto Depot.

The man’s car smelled like alcohol. He failed field sobriety tests.

Theft: Front Street

A Berea woman, 59, was banned from Dick’s Bakery, 70 Front, after she was caught stealing money from the cash register Nov. 18 while she was an employee there.

One of the Bakery’s owners said the woman stole $60 from the cash register on a previous occasion. She was caught, returned the money and wrote an apology letter. She wasn’t fired.

On Nov. 18, store management saw the woman steal money from the register again. She was overcharging customers and pocketing the overcharged amount. This time, the woman was fired.

Overdose: Weatherstone Drive

A Weatherstone woman, 48, was taken to Southwest General Health Center at about 10 a.m. Nov. 20 after she overdosed in her home.

Someone living in the home called police about the woman. He said she was unconscious and struggling to breathe. When police arrived, they administered CPR. The woman started to wake up, then fell unconscious again.

Paramedics arrived and began treating the woman. They administered Narcan, a heroin- and opioid-overdose antidote, and the woman awoke.

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