Strongsville rezones office building across from SouthPark Mall for building owner

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The owner of this multi-tenant office building on Ohio 82 across from SouthPark Mall hopes that Strongsville City Council's recent rezoning of the property will lead to more tenants. (Bob Sandrick, special to


STRONGSVILLE, Ohio -- The owner of a half-empty multi-tenant office building on Ohio 82 just west of Interstate 71 believes he can now better market the site to prospective tenants.

That’s because City Council in November rezoned the 2½-acre parcel on which the building stands from a “public facilities” district to a “general business” district.

Jason Sheiban owns the building -- which now houses Quick Med Urgent Care and Northeast Ohio Business Center -- through a limited liability company called SP-JS1 LLC. The building is at the northwest corner of Ohio 82 and Falling Water Road, across from SouthPark Mall.

Sheiban has stated that the public facilities zoning was too restrictive and “extremely challenging” to market.

“I have owned that building for the past three years -- almost three years -- and as a lot of you know, I have been trying to lease that space for those full three years,” Sheiban told City Council during a Nov. 7 public hearing on the proposed rezoning.

“We have gotten a little over 50 percent occupancy with the space right now, and it’s been a little bit of a battle just getting to that,” Sheiban said.

Under city code, governmental buildings, churches, art galleries, libraries, museums, cemeteries, private clubs, schools, hospitals, medical centers, recreational and wireless telecommunications facilities and similar uses are permitted in public facilities districts.

Sheiban said the public facilities zoning doesn’t fit in the area. Surrounding zoning districts include restaurant-recreational, shopping center, office building and general business.

General business districts allow, among other uses, offices, stores, funeral homes, department stores, appliance shops, pet shops, sit-down restaurants, ice cream parlors, nightclubs, delicatessens, childcare centers, dance studios, gymnasiums and automotive repair centers.

At a November public hearing about the proposed rezoning, Kathy Petersen -- who lives on Iyami Court off Falling Waters, just north of the office building -- expressed concern about how the rezoning might worsen traffic congestion in the area.

“The property is already located in one of the biggest, most heavily traveled roads in the city of Strongsville, which if any of you live there, you know that,” Petersen told council, according to meeting transcripts.

“What will this zoning change do to the traffic in the future?” Petersen asked. “Is it going to impose more of the same on our residents? It’s hard to get out of Falling Water, turning onto Royalton Road (Ohio 82), because the traffic is in a hurry and they stop in the intersection and block it.”

Petersen said traffic has already worsened due to the construction of Royalton Collection, a retail development just west of Falling Waters and the multi-tenant office building.

Bridey Matheney, a lawyer and former Republican member of the Ohio House of Representatives in the 98th District, represented SP-JS1 (the multi-tenant building owner) at the public hearing.

“We do not see that this (rezoning) would increase the traffic that is there on Royalton Road,” Matheney said.

Matheney said tenants who might occupy the office building would be professionals such as lawyers and accountants, meeting with clients by appointment only, which would not generate much additional traffic.

Sheiban said he plans to make the building and signs more aesthetically pleasing and improve the outside landscaping without significantly changing the building.

Also, Sheiban said he would repaint the building and replace the roof.

SP-JS1 bought the 2½-acre property in January 2020 from Healthspan Integrated Care, paying $1 million, according to the Cuyahoga County Fiscal Office. The usable space of the building is 20,260 square feet.

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